Listening In

    We humans, by our own reckoning, are the smartest animals ever living, and one of the few species capable of logical thought and communication. We think of the animals around us as passive observers of what we are doing to our - and their - environment, completely in our care, and at our mercy.

   Of course, it isn't true. If you have ever lived with a dog or a cat - especially, a cat - you must have suspected that there was more than fawning adoration going on behind those eyes. In truth, all animal species talk to one another, and often to other species, as well. I think plants do, too, although many scientists refute that. But who knows? We continue to learn about life around us, if we're interested. Maybe we'll find that even rocks talk!

   Well, we won't worry about the plants and rocks here. We'll limit ourselves to proven conversations - ones that somebody has actually heard, and recorded. I think you'll be surprised when you hear what they talk about.

Sanford “Sandy" Wilbur - October 2023

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