The story that follows is, from start to finish, a product of my imagination, and is fully original. However, it was suggested by two characters from the books of Martha Grimes - Emma Graham, and Andi Olivier - and stories written about them. Emma, age 12, was living in rural western Maryland, where she got interested in - and solved - a number of local crimes. Andi, maybe 16 to 18 years old, was of unknown origin, had amnesia, and wandered through the West, getting involved in various situations.

   I thoroughly enjoyed both series. The writing is good, the stories are good, the characters are good. There's only one problem for me: the books have ended, but the stories didn't.

   I had to ask the questions: Was Emma destined to "live" just one year - her 12th? Was Andi - and were we - ever going to learn who she is and where she came from, or was she going to wander off into literary limbo with no resolution? I liked the two girls too much to let those endings happen, without an attempt bring their stories to some kind of conclusion. That's what I'm presenting, here.

   I'm sure there are a variety of ways that the stories of Emma and Andi could be completed, and a number of dangling subplots un-dangled. I feel certain that Ms. Grimes would not have picked the way I have. Nevertheless, it is a plausible way, it's fun, and I think it's in character with the original stories.

   You don't need to read the original books to follow my story. I've included enough background that everything should be pretty clear. However, if you want some good entertainment,  the Martha Grimes books are the place to go.



The End of the Pier (1992) - Actually, a prequel; Emma doesn't appear, other main characters do.

Hotel Paradise (1996)

Cold Flat Junction (2001)

Belle Ruin (2005)

Fadeaway Girls (2011)



Biting the Moon (1999)

Dakota (2008)


Good reading!

Sanford “Sandy" Wilbur

Gresham, Oregon

June 2024

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