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I like to write. I read a lot, and I listen a lot, and that gives me lots to think about. Thinking gives me ideas that I feel compelled to (as we said in the Olden Days) put on paper. I'd undoubtedly write a lot even if nobody ever read what I'd written. The real reward, however, comes when somebody reads and - the Ultimate - responds to what I wrote. I hope I get many responses to what I put on these pages.

   You'll find several types of entries on this site. There will be "books" or parts of books, following a cohesive pattern of "chapters." At present, that section includes chapters from "Semi-Rough: A North Country Journal," about life at the end of the road in northern New Hampshire. The entire book is now available as a free pdf.

  Then, there are sections that treat fairly specific themes, but in no particular order. There's a large section on my favorite bird, the California condor. A  section, "Is This Land My Land?" tries to make some sense out of the controversies surrounding government land ownership in the United States.  There are also sections on wildlife and conservation, public participation in government processes, and the problems of small towns in America.

   There are pages on government, religion, and society, random essays on the news of the day, week, year, or century.

   Most recently, I’ve added a section of short essays, “It Crossed My Mind,” more random thoughts than fleshed-out discussions. Finally, there is "Potpourri," my writing-for-fun pages, a hodgepodge of whatever captures my fancy at various moments. You'll find poems, essays, photos, and who knows what else.

   Click on any of the underlined words above, and you'll be directed to that section.

   Note that we also sell a variety of new and used books from the CondorTales website, where my history and genealogy information is kept.


Good reading to you!

Sandy Wilbur

July 2019

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