Greg Cleveland has just completed college, and his first assignment is at a national wildlife refuge in Idaho. He’s not at all sure that he wants to make a career out of working on wildlife refuges, but this job gets off to a good start when he meets Victoria – Vic – Anderson, oldest daughter of the refuge manager.

   Vic is just graduating from high school, but – despite the difference in their educational level – she is only two years younger than Greg. As she explains it, since girls mature faster than boys, she and Greg are actually just about the same age. Greg agrees to a point, but reckons since she is obviously smarter than the average high schooler, and he is at best average for his circumstances, she may actually be older than him – in fact, she may be too old for him!

   This turns out not to matter, and they have a mostly happy five months getting to know one another. Their lives up to Vic going off to college are covered in chapters 1 to 32 at:


We pick up here with Chapter 33, as they figure out how to manage being apart much more than they want to be.

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