Through the years, my photographic equipment has been (at best) medium quality, my skills with the camera similar, and my good results usually serendipitous. Still, because of the places I've lived, worked, and played, I've collected a number of "pretty good" wildlife shots.  These are among my favorites.

 Pygmy Owl with Northern Junco - Gresham, Oregon

 Bushtits, getting their feet wet - Gresham, Oregon

 Whistling swans - Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge, California

 Steller's sea lions - Kenai Fjords, Alaska


 Moose in the wild roses - Dummer, New Hampshire

 Brown pelicans and cormorants - Monterey Peninsula, California

 Black-tailed deer - Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park, Washington

 Roadrunner - Tejon Ranch, Kern County, California

 Western bluebirds - on the roadrunner rock, Tejon Ranch

 Red fox looking in our screen door (no magnification) - Dummer,  New Hampshire

 The same fox, a little farther away

Young Cooper’s Hawk - Gresham, Oregon

Raccoon - Gresham, Oregon

 California condors: young begging adult for food - Sespe Condor Sanctuary, California

 California condors: aerial acrobatics - Sespe Sanctuary

 And, my all-time favorite shot.


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