15 February 2021

I don’t think I could be prouder than I am of the Senators who refused to find ex-President Trump guilty of being un-Presidential. I know it left a lot of Americans confused and angry – especially after the Senate minority leader expressed his dismay and disgust for the ex-president, his actions, and for the outcome of the trial. But, as he said, what could he do? The Constitution didn’t allow him to vote to uphold the impeachment of the ex-president, no matter how rotten, traitorous, and immoral were his actions. We elected those Senators to uphold the Constitution of the United States, and they did.    

  Now, I realize that almost two-thirds of their colleagues either did not see the constitutional problem, or they were so angry that they felt they could “bend the rules” a little bit. However, those that voted against finding the ex-president guilty felt we would want them to hold the line, no matter how horrible the outcome. That’s the American Way, just as our forefathers planned.

   But, even as strong as was their need to uphold the Constitution, the anti-impeachment senators had a higher reason for their decision. The stage was set at the opening of the impeachment trial when a christian clergyman asked God to help the Senate make the right decision. As the majority of the senators voting against impeachment came from the South and Midwest – where God’s call is heard especially loudly – they listened carefully to the apparently overwhelming facts presented, but in the end opted for that “still, small voice” that was the Lord giving them the right answer.[1]

   Looking back, I think it’s important to remember that the minister who prayed at this impeachment trial was the same one who appeared at the first Trump impeachment, opening every session imploring God to help the senators decide Trump’s guilt or innocence. As you know, Trump was acquitted. At the time, I had made a tasteless and blasphemous joke that possibly it was not God’s will, but “that God was as disappointed, depressed, and downright disgusted as I was, and took a Caribbean vacation until it was all over.” This second decision supporting the first leaves no question that Trump – and these senators – are truly God’s People. I apologize for my early angry slur.

  Now that this “boxers or briefs” argument (as Senator Romney put it) is out of the way, let’s all get on with the business of Making America Great Again.


[1] Christians have learned to be very attuned to the voice of the Lord, because the Devil is always using facts and other information to try and confuse them. From my own experience, I remember when an evangelist came to our church, and explained how the discovery of dinosaur bones supposedly millions of years old did not dissuade  him from the Biblical fact that the World is only 6000 years old. As he explained, the Devil had “planted” those bones to try to get us to ignore the Word of the Lord. We all prayed extra hard that night that we would not be deceived.

© Sanford Wilbur 2021