15 January 2020

   In last night’s Democratic debate, two of the candidates for President were asked if they would allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons capabilities. Both were adamant; they would never allow a nuclear weapon in Iranian hands. I wish all six candidates had been asked that question. I’m looking for answers to why it it’s so important that we stop Iran – or any other country. Here’s my problem.

   In 2019, there were an estimated 14,000 nuclear weapons already in existence in the world, most of them in the hands of nations that don’t want Iran to have any. Together, the United States and Russia have 92 percent of them. The rest are spread between France, the United Kingdom, China, India, Pakistan, and Israel. So far, nobody but the United States has chosen to use weapons of that type. The results were horrible, and everybody knows it. Even the stupidest, most arrogant leaders know that, if they started a nuclear war, it would soon be over for them – and maybe for the rest of the world. In the past, nuclear capability has been seen as a deterrent, not as an actual weapon of war. So, again, why is the United States so worried about  Iranians having their own nuclear capabilities?

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   It appears that one of the biggest concerns from the U. S. standpoint is that Iran has threatened to destroy Israel. Bible believers “know” that Israel is important – in fact, necessary – if prophesies of the “end times” are to come true. Therefore, as a “Christian nation,” it is our responsibility to protect Israel. Really?  Setting aside the nutty premise that God needs our help, consider: Israel is thought to have about 60 nuclear weapons, and a well-trained and well-supplied military force. Israel is noted for retaliating full-strength against any real (or perceived) threat against them. And Israel needs protecting from Iran? It seems the reverse is much more likely.

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   Concerns about Iran may be at least partly biblical; worries about North Korea seem more generic. I suppose it’s just scary to think about a blustering, unpredictable leader who makes outrageous threats and likes parades of military force to be in charge of even one weapon of mass destruction. At the moment, however, there may be good cause to be more worried about a blustering, unpredictable leader who makes outrageous threats and likes parades of military force, and has control of at least half of all the possible nuclear disaster potential in the world.

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