These pages are about anything that strikes my fancy at the moment. There are threads between some of them, but a lot are just random. Be prepared for anything.

You might ask my qualifications for writing what I do. I'm a wildlife biologist by training and by career choice. But I'm a CITIZEN,  interested in many subjects - history, politics, religion, The Economy, civil rights, small town survival, genealogy, etc., etc., etc. I read A LOT - both fiction and non-fiction - and I think a lot. If what's on cable TV is any measure of the U. S. population, I must be well above the national average in knowledge, intelligence, and (definitely) couth. I have lots of opinions, and lots of ideas. Sometimes I write as an expert; more often as a "well-informed observer;" and even more often I'm just shooting off my mouth. If you read what I write, you can form your own opinions about which one of me is speaking at the moment. 

Sanford "Sandy" Wilbur - November 2018




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