May 2018

   A prayer meeting was in progress at a Southern California evangelical church, when a young man rushed in. He apologized for being late, but had been stopped by the police and issued a citation for speeding. The pastor interpreted the delay as the work of Satan, trying to keep the young man from worshipping God with fellow Christians. We all prayed for strength to ward off the machinations of the Devil. True story. I was there.

   Now, if you don't believe in God, this story probably makes no sense to you. You might even think it is absolutely nuts to attribute a routine (and apparently very justifiable) traffic stop to satanic interference. That just shows how far you are from understanding the Mind of God. Not only is the message blatantly clear in this instance, but also helps us understand how God is also clearly at work in the mass killings that are happening almost every day. If you are a Believer, then it is easy to see how these are part of God's Plan.

   Every massacre that occurs brings us together. Even the liberal media show the pictures of us praying together and thanking God after every senseless murder. Not only do Christians unite, but each tragedy brings us face to face with non-believers ripe to hear the Good News. We can share with them the prophesy that, just before the Rapture, there will be "wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes in diverse places" and... well, it doesn't say specifically, because the Bible was written quite a few years ago, but probably also teenagers with assault weapons wreaking havoc on innocent classmates. Oh, dear God, there can't be any question that we are getting close, now.

   Sadly, the America-hating liberals want to make this political, to somehow blame our paranoid obsession with guns for what they see as (quote) America in trouble. They even attack God's holy scripture. Yes, it's true; the proof is growing stronger every day that the Second Amendment was actually in the original Bible, but some Left-leaning editors took it out of later editions. But, no matter how hard they battle - no matter how many nefarious ways they try to dilute God's word - Truth doesn't change with each new societal shift. Pray we always have a President and a Congress that will join us in our temporary griefs and sorrows  over murdered children. Then, we can say, like the Texas pastor whose daughter was among those massacred in November 2017, "victory has a price... you can't be victorious without being wounded in battle."

   Amen to that!




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