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July 2019

  When we were first dating, and in early marriage, if I was quiet for awhile, Sally would ask me what I was thinking. I would often respond, "Nothing." She didn't really believe me, but it was true. I would go through much of the day with absolutely nothing on my mind, tuning in only when there was something specific to respond to. Good – bad – normal – abnormal: who knows? It’s just the way it was.

   As I approach 80, I have no trouble filling my mind with all kinds of thoughts and questions – life, death, politics, religion, birds, friends, history, my roses, TV commercials, human ignorance, human smarts, the end of the world, the end of me… You name it; some time during the day or night, I have a new hobby horse to ride for a while.

   Due to an ageing memory (that quickly develops holes in itself) and competition with some new idea, many of my thoughts are ephemeral. But some that seem pretty good at the time seem worth holding onto a little longer. If I try to save them for expansive, more polished treatment, I’m likely to lose them altogether.  So, here are some mini-essays about those somethings that were important enough (at the time) to capture my attention. 

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