Why Two Minutes?


Monday 29 July 2019

I call the notes in this section “two-minute essays,” and I’ve been asked why. (Actually, nobody has asked me, but they might someday, so I’m just getting ahead of the curve.) It’s really quite scientific. An American with average reading skills, and some ability to comprehend, would require about two minutes to get through one of these essays. Now, I know that all my readers (there are three of you, right?) have skills considerably above average, so I could have called these one-minute essays. But, just in case some average person stumbles on my website, I don’t want to leave them out.

   The idea of two-minute (one, for my regulars) essays is that they don’t take up too much of a person’s time. (In fact, my usual readers can probably read two in two minutes time.) Also, a responsible presentation of a subject or issue requires a lot of time for research and analysis on my part. These two-minute (or, one-minute) essays can be dashed off with just about no thought on my part.

   There’s a certain beauty to free thought expressed spontaneously.

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