I have finally completed "Vic and Greg," and free pdfs are available by email. Just send me a note.

   if you've been following along online, or if you want to read it, the pdf gives it all to you in one place.. It was too long for one volume, so I split it into two books. It differs slightly from the online version. I've corrected miscellaneous typos and format problems, and have done a little rewriting of a couple of chapters. I've added illustrations, and also an 80-page "epilogue," telling what happened in the 50 years since 1966.

   I will eventually have print copies available, but probably not for a while.

   For those who want to continue reading chapter by chapter online, the first 32 chapters are linked above. Chapters 33 and beyond are found at:


Note: My “journal” - thoughts I had, and decisions I made, as I wrote the novel - is online. If you’d like to learn about one writer’s work processes, you might find it interesting. It’s linked above - “A Novel Project."




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